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School to School Support

There should not be any intellectual property in education

Our Alliance is comprised of a mutually supportive group of schools whose leaders recognise that working with other schools and sharing outstanding practice is vital in promoting excellence. 

Within the Alliance, there is a wealth of experience and expertise to be drawn on and we take pride in our systems of support, aiming to work with schools in any area of need both within the Alliance and beyond.

As an NSS (National Support School), St George’s  has a proven track record of support and is committed to working with all schools, the Local Education Authority, Blackburn Diocese and of course our Alliance colleagues.

Accessing Support 

If you are interested in support from St George's School and the Yarrow Schools Teaching Alliance, contact Rob Horne, Head of the YSTA on 

School to School support can be accessed directly through the YSTA. Alternatively, it can be brokered through the Local Authority or by contacting the Diocese of Blackburn.